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pistol, Pistol Gun Dragon Pocket Knife Necklace / Miranda Lambert Style Gun Necklace



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Necklace is comprised of a brass detailed pistol that doubles as a mini novelty pocket knife. Pistol pocket knife hangs from a 21" vintage chain; perfect for the western lover, a clever hidden tool, and a unique find that will certainly be a conversation starter.\u25baIn the news! You may have seen this pistol knife necklace style worn by Miranda Lambert:\u25baPistol knife has double sided detailing, hangs just under 2 inches from chain when folded and just under 3 inches when knife component is unfolded. Marked with "Win 1832" on underside.\u25baPistol has a lock securing knife within. Once opened, the knife is locked open in place and can only closed by gently pulling back the spring handle at the top of the pistol.Thanks so much for taking a peek and please have a look around the rest of the shop: contrary.. \u25baFind me on Instagram for new pieces and specials, Knife is a novelty item, not intended for children and not meant to be used as a weapon or cause any type of harm to another person or in general. Upon purchasing this necklace, you are agreeing that you are 18 years or older and not to hold me, Mary Andrews, responsible for any damages caused with necklace. Please check all local pickup postage laws if you are ordering internationally to make sure a pocket knife novelty necklace may be cleared through your customs authority!, men

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